An exhibition at Dusseldorf Gallery 1992

Mark Cypher

My primary aim is to explore the links between culture and nature. To pose questions about the ways we see and the means by which we consequently engage the physicality of our environment. In many ways the landscape, which has always been seen as a site of authenticity, is in part a mirage. The reconstruction of nature, for example, does not end at the edge of outer suburbia. Nor has nature settled on the tension lines of white picket fences as it's boundary lines either. It is these areas where the uncomfortably chaotic and the comfortably ordered meet which tell us just as much about ourselves as it does about nature. I see each of these works based upon my own sculptural language, as a collection of symbolic and very physical responses to these questions.

The following works are from a solo show and group exhibition " A Sideways Glance" held at Gallerie Dusseldorf, Perth, Western Australia, Nov 1992.

PotPlant 1992 3mX1.5m Wood,Steel, Faith FlowerPot Faith Faith Faith Faith River