an exhibition of sculpture by Mark Cypher

The boundaries between self and other, subject and object are more ambiguous and fragile than our senses inform us. The objects which surround us inevitably influence the senses. I am interested in how we interact with these so called, everyday objects. Particularly those objects which are predominantly decorative and beyond the scope of high -low art/craft aesthetics. These are objects that have slipped through the net of comfortable formal decisions and art theory and speak with a humbling honesty about our lives -love it or hate it. These objects have their origins in the home made-handyman's decision making process. What ever their makers initial intention, all such objects are pregnant with ideas about nature, masculinity, colonialism, history and suburbia. The process of remaking these objects attempts to both deconstruct and extend the meanings hidden within such objects of the everyday and thereby the connections to our lives.

The following work was exhibited at the Perth Institute of Contemporary Art in 2000.

Garden, 2000,wood, 2.5m x 2m x.1 Work is beautiful, 2000, plastic, steel, .5m x.4m Objectum, 2000, dimensions variable, wood, steel, televisions Bones, 2000, wood 2.5m x .5 x.1m You can take the boy out of Balga, but you can't take Balga out of the boy, 2000 Dinner, 2000